Yoga & Meditation In Alleppey

Yoga is a set of psychological, physiological and spiritual practices that has been an integral part of our Indian culture for centuries. Yoga is one of the six Āstika (orthodox) schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. Yoga & Meditation has traditionally been practiced in tandem with Ayurveda to improve one’s health, mind and spirit. Yoga helps in developing flexibility in your body and improves your respiratory and blood circulation. The health of a human being is controlled or affected by various factors, and Yoga is a system that includes all these factors. Yoga & Meditation is a  process of maintaining your internal, external and mental health. It also encourages a person’s growth and development. Yoga brings the mind and body into a connected state of balance, ease and well-being. Yoga has many health benefits like improving your body’s flexibility, increasing your muscle strength, protects your spine, more better bone health and blood flow, boost your immunity, relaxes your system, increase your focus etc

At Keraleeyam, we have experienced in house yoga masters who work closely with our Ayurvedic doctor to help custom design choose the right yoga package for you.