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Keraleeyam, the most famous Ayurvedic resort set in Alleppey, offers different Ayurvedic & wellness packages, Body massage, Yoga & Meditation sessions etc. Ayurvedic packages includes Rejuvenation package, Stress management package, Ayurvedic pain relief package, Detoxification package, Panchakarma packages, Relaxation packages etc along with comfortable accommodation at the traditional heritage style resort. Keraleeyam is a friendly place for visitors. Customers can contact Keraleeyam for booking/enquiries via the given phone numbers. We will be more than happy listen your needs and answer your questions by mail / phone or WhatsApp

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Communication Address

Punnamada road
Alappuzha (Alleppey) Kerala, India – 688006
Phone & WhatsApp: +91 9847050711
Phone: +91 8590067989
Phone: +91 4772231468
Email: [email protected]